FAQ for Dog Owners:

Is signing up free?
Yes, just add your dog details and our carers will be in touch.

Are there any fees to boarding my dog/s?
The only fee for boarding your dog with HFH is the price of your duration.

Does my dog have to be neutered/spayed before they come?
Not exactly.. Licensing officers prefer neutered/spayed dogs because it can limit any “accidents” between owners dogs and resident dogs. Adult entire males “may” become territorial if amongst other dogs and unspayed females if in or coming into heat may attract other male dogs to the property. It is up to you and your boarder if you choose to board an unspayed dog however, entire males cannot be boarded with entire females at all.

Are your boarders licensed and insured? 

Yes, all of our boarders and carers are fully licensed by their local authority, have been personally vetted by us and have all provided us with an up to date CRB check. They are also fully insured through us at home from home dog boarding

Can I pay the boarder directly?

Unfortunately we do not accept cash or bank payments to your boarder. All payments must come through HFH so that you gain full advantage of our business and public liability insurance. HFH are not liable for any bookings that do not come directly through us.

Are there any cancellation fees?
Yes and no. We ask that you give us 1 months notice if you no longer require your selected dates. This will allow for a full refund. Should notice not be given, 50% of your booking fee is non refundable.

What if my pet gets sick while in your care?
We always take details of your veterinary practise so should any problems arise our carers can take them straight there. You are responsible for making payment as usual but should an accident happen due to negligence of our carers we have £10 million employers liability insurance to cover any cost should we be found responsible. (We have never had to use this cover to date)

FAQ for Carers:

Am I charged to use this service?
You will be charged 17% off your overall booking, this fee covers your insurance and our advertising to keep you busy year round. Signing up is completely free.

Do I have to obtain my license to work with home from Home?
Yes, boarding dogs is illegal without a license.

What do I do if the dog in my care gets sick?
We take details of the dogs veterinary information and it would be up to you to take them there with immediate effect after notifying the owner and Home from Home. The payment is down to the customer unless an accident occurred which would be covered by our employers liability insurance.

Can I walk a dog off lead?
No, this is strictly off limits due to insurance companies not insuring for off lead walks. However, should the customer insist upon this, you must obtain a signed consent form to state the above and any liability for loss or accident will be with the customer.

How do I sign up?
Signing up is easy and free. Click Sign up and fill in your email address and password.
I will then be in touch to meet you at your home address to check all is in order before we go ahead to apply for your license if not already obtained.